Friday, June 29, 2007

So i have been thinking for the past year, and the thought that keeps running through my mind is why we can't get along? why can't we settle our differences? why are we making people feel the way we do about some people? you know i wish i could answer thoughs questions. I love my family! very very much, but i can't deal with this crap that has been going on. I don't think they know how much this is hurting our family, even though some of the things don't have to do with me, but they still effect me, and i wish they knew that.

Monday, June 25, 2007

hahaha so this picture, was when we were at the seminary party at the end of school. And you know the kid behind me yeah didn't know he was there... his name is brandon he is interesting.. i knew i shouldn't have trusted lance with the camera hahaha! This is me, Kenna, and Crystal at the last day of school.. It was her last day in Utah, she is moving to Texas and she is not excited at all!
This is me and Crystal hanging out at east canyon! it was really fun haha but she wasn't there the whole time. we were up there for conference weekend!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

hahaha... this picture makes me laugh!! This is me and Kenna answering our dates to Homecoming!

This was my Jr. Prom picture... That day was so fun! I had a blast!

This was everybody in my group for M.A.G haha it was so fun!

This is during the day activity for M.A.G ( girls choice dance.) it was so fun! we are playing LIFE, it was pretty fun...